Why is Finger Scanning Necessary?

In this day and age, the world is at a threat of security. The security agencies have a hard time tracking down criminals and doing that is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s because you never know the real identity of anyone. Forgery is at large. Plus the data recorded is usually redundant.

The process of recording, storing and using that data to track criminals is really hectic and hence Livescan popped up. It is a fingerprinting for FBI. Their service includes recording finger and palm prints digitally and in ink. They offer their services to the FBI. What they do is they keep a data base of fingerprints which can be stored and can be matched with the samples that turn out at crime scenes. This will help reduce the cost.

The reduction in cost will be the result of saving time in investigation, saving the data storage costs, the cost of hiring additional employees to the task and many others. This helps in ensuring a smooth and seamless process of tracking and keeping data and using it in times of need. There is the facility of storing whole records of criminals and security agencies and do a background checks in the time span of 10 minutes to 72 hours depending on the frequency of the case. This is an estimated 3 times lesser than the time it takes to manually do it.

This is not only for criminals but for certain jobs as well. Due to the sensitive nature of the work, some jobs also scan their employees prior to starting. This is due to ensure a background check and to store data for future use so there isn’t any liability or risk involved when they are working with the sensitive information that is a part of their job.


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