Using an E Cig Pod

Most people in the world, especially those who smoke, know what an E cigarette or a vape is. A huge majority of people who us E cigarettes or vapes are doing it to quit smoking and it is definitely a great way to go about it. However, one thing that a lot of people do not know, regardless of whether they are using E cigarettes or not, is what an E cig pod is. Nowadays E cig pods are becoming more and more famous and are being used more often. Initially they started in America but now the e cig pods are becoming famous in UK as well. So for the uninitiated, this article will tell you what E cig pods are, and what they can do.

So E cig pods, also called vape pods or pod mod, is something in between a modifiable vape, or a vape mod, and a regular e cigarette. E cigarettes use a simple format of use and throw away. You can use  e cig cartridges and throw them out once you are done with them. A more advanced thing is the vape mod, which lets you modify the experience, add flavors, mix things up, adjust smoke, adjust speed, and change quite a few things. An E cig mod lets you change things about a little bit but does not overly complicate things. It works like a regular E cig but allows a bit of adjustment without things going overboard.

Using a pod mod, you do not have to worry about flavor mixing as you can simply just add the pod to the vape and get on with things without worrying about things being the right ratio. Plus there is the added benefit that it is small and easy to carry.

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