The definitive indie author guide to author websites that attract and convert

Today we did an awesome live class on building a bestselling author website, including topics to writing about, content marketing, getting more traffic and email subscribers, and design and branding. One of the things I recommended was to best squarespace template for writers articles, then turn those into Powerpoints for SlideShare, then record yourself talking about it for YouTube, then breaking them into individual pictures so they can be posted to Twitter and Pinterest. So that’s just what I’m going to do.

You need an author website to attract readers with great content and get them to sign up to your list (not to sell books – if you JUST want to sell books, set up a landing page or something or just send them to Amazon.)

This is how traffic works. Most authors are ONLY doing number one. It’s a lot of work and demands constant effort. It’s SO much easier to put something short and free up on Amazon where people can read it automatically and find it easily. You should also put content out on big sites, YouTube, SlideShare, Pinterest, etc. So people find it, then click back to your site. Make something today – once – and it will bring in traffic for years.

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