Replacing Your Old Mattress

There are a number of important processes going in inside our body while we are asleep, so while we may be physically resting, there is a lot going on inside. Our body is healing at this time, so regeneration and recovery is going on, our memories are being processed and being put into long term storage and so on. So, when we do wake up in the morning, we feel a lot more refreshed, however, if you happen to be waking up feeling more tired and cranky, there might be a problem with your mattress.

A lot of people do not know this, but when your mattress happens to be older than 8 years, then it has already exceeded its lifespan and needs to be changed. A bad mattress can end up affecting not just our sleep, but also our physical health. You are actually more likely to develop back problems if you happen to have a bad mattress. So, even if your mattress might not look like it is worn down or old, you still need to replace it with a new one.

When it comes to buying a new mattress, it is honestly better to opt for an ikea king size mattress rather than a queen size mattress or smaller one, because even if you think you do not need a bigger mattress, there can be situations where you might need a bigger mattress later on. Plus, buying a king sized mattress ensures that there will be enough space for your entire body to spread out and relax, rather than having to shrink itself and then wake up feeling cramped. So, opt for a bigger mattress, and go the extra mile and buy a memory foam mattress to ensure the best back support as well.

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