The use of public transport is many and the more people that use it, the better a community can develop. There’s a lot of attention towards owning a private vehicle and it’s geared towards making it a symbol of status but there’s no need to give such value to those things. Working the daily commute using public transport helps to keep the traffic less congested since there are fewer vehicles on the road and everyone can get to where they need to a lot faster. It’s also extremely hectic to travel between cities on your own vehicle for several reasons.

For one thing, intercity travel can be exhausting if you’re the only driver. Unless you take stops and prolong the journey even more, you’re looking at a lot of time spent in front of the wheel and it doesn’t end when you get to your destination, now you’re looking for places to stay and also having to deal with parking your car everywhere you go. Many buses offer great intercity travel at affordable rates like the buses that head from Tampa to Fort Lauderdale and they make packages at rates that are quite affordable, just check them out yourself at

That aside, the numerous benefits that taking public transport have can have you changing your mind about buying a really expensive car. Communities are much healthier when more people take public transport since with fewer cars, there isn’t as much pollution from the exhausts. Gas is an exhaustible resource and to make sure it really lasts it’s better if it goes more into buses since that means that multiple people can use the same amount of gas to go to their respective locations. Just imagine if everyone had filled up a separate tank of gas to go in similar directions.

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