Manipulative Campaigns And The US Automotive Industry

There has been much debate over the people having this mindset that they need bigger cars to look richer and classier. They have built up false images of people being better off with bigger engines and bigger cars. The entire US automotive industry has designed their ad campaigns in a manipulative way. They show a handsome dude wearing expensive clothes sitting in a huge ass expensive car with a beautiful girl by his side. Now this kind of an ad is going to appeal to almost everyone except for the few actually educated out there. They appeal to people as everyone wants a pretty car and drive around at full speed as what else would a millennial want. The website 2dolphins.com describes how the US automotive industry is designing manipulative advertisements.

They target people’s desires as they know that a pretty car appeals to everyone. This is why women were so easily convinced into buying SUVs. Their advertisements showed these awfully designed cars as safer and environment friendly. They were shown as family cars as this is something that would definitely drive a lot of women to switch to SUVs. Even people, who had never even thought about their cars being unsafe for their children, were starting to buy SUVs just because their advertisement had that element in it. Either the industry fails to understand the impact of portraying such false ideas or they’re just taking as much advantage as they can. In reality, the big hefty design of the car just makes it look bigger and heftier and nothing else. It doesn’t make it any safer and no way is the added weight is going to make it stay environment friendly as the aerodynamics will result in the car consuming more fuel.

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