Ergonomics Really Matter

Have you ever sat down to work at your own desk and gotten up really fatigued by the time you’re done? Sometimes you feel like your wrists ache because of all the typing you had to do and other times your back feels like it’s been stretched the wrong way. You might blame the fact that you had to sit there for overs and work for the fatigue but that’s not it – you’re just really uncomfortable.

No matter how great looking and functional some pieces of work related furniture are made to be, they’re still built on a standard size and furniture is never something you can take a one size fits all approach to. You need your furniture to be adjustable to your height and the point at which you are the most comfortable. Now, now, you don’t have to go ahead and sack all of your furniture and replace it with expensive adjustable alternatives; you can install adjustable furniture feet on your desks and chairs and voila – problem solved!

If you’re feeling fatigued by sitting on your furniture, you’re not only just uncomfortable but you’re also killing the blood circulation in your body. There are researches done on this that all point towards long term health problems for the people who sit uncomfortably at work. Of course, if you leave your seat for a few minutes and walk around before getting back to work, you can regulate your blood flow again but if you want to save time then adjustable furniture feet are the best way to go. Besides, you’ll be more productive at work if you can sit comfortably without being bugged by your furniture’s discomfort all the time – it’s the smarter thing to do.

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