About Us

Hi there,

I am a writer by trade and a blogger by choice; while I do get plenty of chances to express myself through my writings, I find that blogging lets me connect with my followers, express myself on a far more personal level and share my experience and knowledge related to writing in order to help people improve their own writing skills.

I have been writing for quite some time now and over the years there is one thing that I have learnt; writing is a skill that anyone can learn, all it takes is practice and a genuine interest in what you are writing. The practicing part can be monotonous and sometimes even downright demotivating, however if you have a direction to work towards then you can have an enjoyable time honing your writing.

This blog is a great place to figure out what you are doing wrong and how can you improve yourself, I frequently post a variety of useful articles here and always try my best to transfer my experience to my audience through this platform.